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Times Where Dental Chips Require a Repair

Posted on 3/30/2019 by Dr. Elizabeth Vivona
Times Where Dental Chips Require a RepairMany people chip their teeth and immediately want the problem corrected. It is primarily a cosmetic concern, even if the tooth isn't damaged.

Still, other people may chip their teeth and might not seek out treatment, as the issue doesn't bother them. However, any time that you damage your tooth, it is important to have it examined by us so that we can rule out any underlying damage.

Most Chips Require Repair

The truth is that in most cases, you should plan on repairing your chipped tooth. While you might not experience pain or discomfort now, long-term problems may result. Chipping a tooth significantly changes the structure, and it can even lead to new cracks, chips, and enamel damage further down the road.

A greater concern is that a deep chip could extend into the inner parts of your teeth, possibly affecting the nerve. This may lead to problems like discoloration, pain, or even deep decay. Depending on which tooth is chipped, you may need a root canal in order to repair damage to the interior, and a cap can restore the tooth to its original appearance.

Dental Bonding Corrects Cosmetic Concerns

If your chipped tooth is relatively minor and hasn't affected the overall structure or function of the tooth, dental bonding may be a viable treatment option. Bonding material will be placed onto the affected tooth before being shaped to match the original structure. While the resin is strong when dried, it won't rival the natural enamel, so you should avoid chewing on non-food items like pens, ice cubes, or your fingernails.

If you chip your tooth, make us your first call. We'll examine your mouth to look for signs of underlying damage and can recommend the right treatment for you. We look forward to working with you and improving your smile.
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