Meet our Doctors


Dr. Elizabeth Vivona - General and Sedation Dentist


Like her predecessor, Dr. Vivona prides herself on providing thorough, excellent and yet gentle dentistry. She focuses and educates her patients on the prevention of dental disease, rather than simply treating dental problems after they arise. Her patients will leave the office feeling well-informed and armed with the best preventive strategies for achieving optimal dental health.



She is one of the only general dentists in the area who is licensed to perform IV sedation dentistry. With IV sedation dentistry, patients can comfortably "sleep" through their dental procedures without feeling any anxiety or fear. Patients love that they can request "Jack-the-Dog", seen below in a picture, to act as a therapy dog. He will calmly sit by your side during your treatment. He is available upon request for sedation and non-sedation appointments! 



Dr. Vivona originally wanted to be an artist. She grew up in Great Barrington, MA, a thriving artsy town in the Berkshires. Her mother knew how difficult that road might be so she dashed her hopes and sent her to the College of the Holy Cross to become a chemist. Although spending a life amongst beakers and test tubes was actually pretty interesting, she knew she hadn't yet found her passion in life... so she did the sensible thing and packed up all her belongings and moved down to Lima, Peru to teach English. After 4 years of teaching in South America, and getting some cosmetic dentistry herself, it dawned on her that dentistry was the blend of art and science she had always been seeking. With her artistic eye and attention to detail, Dr. Vivona is able to perform beautiful cosmetic dentistry on our patients. 



Dr. Vivona put herself through the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and graduated in the top of her class in 2010. She was inducted into the prosthodontics honor society and did a dental implant clerkship her senior year. She then completed a residency in General and Hospital Dentistry at the University of Colorado Hospital where she became IV sedation certified for all those folks who are fearful of the dentist. 

 Dr. Vivona attends continuing education classes regularly and is a member of the Spear Education system. In addition to monthly study clubs with other local dentists, she goes to Scottsdale, AZ to the prestigious Spear Institute to take hands-on courses. 



In Denver, she met her husband, Andrew Dow, who insisted that Eugene, OR was the greatest place to live and practice dentistry. She decided to join him and has discovered that Eugene IS truly an amazing place. In 2011, her husband opened his periodontal practice downstairs from Dr. Rocheld - and that is how Dr. Vivona and Dr. Rocheld first became friends. Dr. Vivona filled in for Dr. Rocheld a few days throughout 2012, joined the practice in 2013 and took over the practice when he retired in 2014. Dr. Vivona and Dr. Dow have recently begun expanding their family. Their daughter is just about one and already showing a propensity for dentistry as she is very interested in Mom and Dad’s (and the dog’s) teeth! 

In her spare time, Dr. V volunteers her time as the Secretary - Treasurer on the Executive Council the Lane County Dental Society. She is also a member of the Oregon Dental Association, the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. She also loves the outdoors and can often be found downhill skiing or hiking with her beloved Carolina dog, "Jack".  


Dr. Melanie Rawlings - General Dentist

Dr. Melanie Rawlings was born in Austin, Texas to a family of engineers, and has been making her way steadily across the country toward the Pacific Northwest ever since. 

She attended the University of WI - Madison for her undergraduate studies, receiving her Bachelor of Science in biochemistry with a double major in Spanish. She studied abroad in Venezuela and took part in honors programs and undergraduate research. She also received several merit-based scholarships and academic awards. 

Dr. Rawlings earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of MN in Minneapolis and graduated with honors. Much of her time outside of clinic was devoted to rural outreach externships and competitive cross-country skiing. 

Though dentistry is her career, she has also spent many years working in a veterinary clinic, a pathology lab, haunted houses, selling koi, building ponds, and mucking more stalls than she cares to remember. These experiences have cultivated a healthy appreciation for a nice, clean, indoor workplace and many fewer incidences of biting. 

As a reformed “bad” dental patient herself, Dr. Rawlings has had plenty of first-hand experience on the receiving end of dental treatment, and can relate to a variety of patient needs and situations. She certainly understands the need for gentle, painless dentistry and aims to make her patients’ experiences great. This also fuels her passion for improved preventive care and patient education. Whatever a patient’s initial dental circumstances and goals, Dr. Rawlings wants to provide the information and care needed to get the patient to a place of health and happiness that he or she can maintain and enjoy for years to come. Being proficient in Spanish, Dr. Rawlings hopes to serve more of Eugene’s Spanish-speaking population.

Dr. Rawlings is a member of the American Dental Association, Oregon Dental Association, Lane County Dental Association, and loves to further her education with professional journals, dental meetings, lectures, study clubs, unpopular choices of podcasts for long drives, and other continuing education opportunities. When not in the office, Dr. Rawlings can be found on the running trails, at the stable, or at home surrounded by a pile of books and half-full coffee mugs.


Dr. Sheeva Azimi - General and Sedation Dentist  

Dr. Azimi has been commuting from Portland to work with us since 2014. She was offered an excellent job opportunity in Portland and has decided that it would be better for her family and her 2-year-old to stay in Portland. For those of you who met her, you’ll understand why all of us at Eugene Dental Group are so saddened not to work with her anymore. We appreciate the time we shared with her and wish her the very best. 

Dr. Azimi hopes to work at Eugene Dental Group whenever Dr. Rawlings and/or Dr. Vivona take a vacation. And as she and Dr. Vivona are sisters-in-law, she will be in Eugene from time to time visiting. While we won’t be scheduling her consistently, you may have the chance to see her from time to time in the future! We’ll all be looking forward to it. 


Dr. Sheeva Azimi was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. As the daughter of a dentist, she knew early on that she wanted to follow her mother's footsteps. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor degree in biology and then received her Doctorate of Dental Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University in 2011.  

Dr. Azimi enjoys working in a patient–centered environment. She focuses on providing excellent dental care, and making each experience as comfortable and painless as possible. Like Dr. Vivona, she believes in a preventive and educational approach to dental care, helping her patients achieve and maintain dental health for life. Her primary expertise is in general dentistry, and enjoys challenging cosmetic cases. She is trained using state of the art technologies such as laser assisted therapies, CEREC crown systems, and oral sedation to provide the best service and comfort to her patients.


She continues to expand her knowledge through study clubs and continuing education in order to perform the best dentistry possible. But most importantly, Dr. Azimi uses a practice philosophy that emphasized oral health and patient comfort to make treatment as painless and satisfying as possible.


In her free time, Dr. Azimi enjoys spending time with her family and friends, working out, hiking and watching Blazer basketball. Her husband insists on taking her backpacking at least one weekend a year, which she silently dreads but pretends to enjoy. In 2015, Dr. Azimi and her husband welcomed their handsome boy Kian, a very rambunctious little boy who will undoubtedly pay her back in full for her own “energetic” childhood. 







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